Most foreigners have difficulty in choosing a type of company to register. Each structure has its advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is to think about the taxes you owe the state and the responsibility you take to your partners. Currently Ltd. is the preferred form for starting a small to medium-sized company in Bulgaria, especially after lowering the initial capital requirement at the time of registration.

Difference between two types is in the number of people owning part of the capital. For the first one, the ownership of the capital is single – one person is the importer of the capital. For the registration of the second type of company- the founders must have at least two, but there is no requirement to have equal capital investments.

To starting a business in Bulgaria you will need the following documents:

Note on paid-in capital, which you can issue from a bank of your choice.
Consent to accept management and specimen signature (specimen) – it is required to be certified by a notary and signed by the manager. There are two options: to have a specimen prepared, requiring only a notary certification or to ask the notary office to draw it up.
Founding Act
Founding Protocol – The document must contain the decisions taken by the constituent assembly and the agenda of the meeting.
Decision to appoint the sole owner of the capital as a manager
Application form A4 – the most important document!
You can find it on the Trade Register website, download it and fill it out. All other documents are attached to it.
Declaration under Art. 13 para. 4, Commercial Register Act (CTA).
Declaration under Art. 13 para. 5, CTR. It is submitted by the bearer.
Declaration under Art. 142, Commercial Law (CC).
Declaration under Art. 141, para. 8, T3. T

A license or permission when the business requires such.